"I really feel a revolution": anti-apartheid hero Biko "wouldn’t approve of Zuma"


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Anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko died in police custody in South Africa forty years ago. President Jacob Zuma seemed to compare himself to the dead hero on Tuesday, but what would Biko think of the country if he were still alive today?

Zwelethu Lungelo, 31, a musician and educator from the North Cape Province, said Biko would not approve of South Africa under President Zuma.

"He wouldn't approve of it. I don't think he would have liked it … he would definitely not like the current situation because he was a person who was & # 39; for the people and for the people & # 39 ;. and today's politics is no longer like that, "Mr. Lungelo said to Sputnik.

On the 40thth South African President Jacob Zuma compared himself to the dead hero who died in 1977 in Pretoria central prison after being beaten by white police officers in 1977 on the day of the death of anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko.

President Zuma, who turned 75 earlier this year, faced growing protests against allegations of corruption by him and his government at the African National Congress (ANC).

"Jacob Zuma has shunned the court for eight or nine years. He has over 700 charges against him and now there are other things about the Gupta family that show corruption everywhere. Even the people at the ANC are disgusted by him, but they are I’m sure Biko wouldn’t approve, ”said Mr. Lungelo.

The president commemorated the anniversary on Tuesday, September 12, by placing a wreath in a cell of the Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Center, where Biko was once held.

"We are still there, some of us, hated how he was hated. At least he was hated and killed – it is better for us, we are still hated and with words," said President Zuma.

His comments were immediately criticized on Twitter by South Africans, who were horrified that he seemed to equate his unpopularity with Biko's fate.

Jacob Zuma once compared himself to Jesus. Today he compared himself to Steve Biko. Just wait until he compares himself to Jacob Zuma

– Public protester (@Pasco_e) September 12, 2017

So who exactly is Jacob Zuma, Jesus Christ or Steve Biko or does he suffer from multiple personality disorder (MPD)?

– NtuthukoMdima🌟 (@Dclantis) September 13, 2017

Fresh change

Mr. Lungelo said the vast majority of black South Africans are still living in poverty.

"The vast majority don't know many things, but the good thing is that social media and other platforms open up to people to see that things are not as good as they thought. If you talk to the younger people, are they? As soon as this generation – who was there in apartheid – continues, there will be a new change, "he said to Sputnik.

"I feel a revolution in this country," said Mr. Lungelo to Sputnik.

Biko was a black consciousness activist who was arrested on September 6, 1977 when he broke an order from the apartheid regime to prohibit him from traveling to Cape Town.

He was interrogated for 22 hours and beaten so badly that he suffered massive brain hemorrhage and died 12 days later in a prison hospital.

Biko was the 21stst Person who died in a South African prison in 12 months, but his case became internationally known when a friend, the white newspaper editor Donald Woods, wrote a book about him, followed by a film, Cry Freedom, in which the American actor Denzel Washington played Biko.

No one has ever been convicted of Biko's death.

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