Biden's problem within the first debate: Don't lose management of Trump's flood of lies and insults

Trump has prepared little debate, both because of his legendary lack of focus or willingness to learn, and because he has to prepare to lie if he does this all the time? Biden has prepared, but how do you prepare for someone to scream lies for an hour and a half about you, your family, and the state of the nation?

After months of portraying Biden as incoherent and in cognitive decline, Trump realized he had set the bar so low that Biden's basic proficiency would come out as a big win, and more recently has been shouting that Biden must be drug tested. But the "Biden can't work" message took months and may have set expectations for many in the audience. Biden has struggled to overcome a stutter, of course, and sometimes has awkward moments when he redirects a sentence for that reason, but he was an effective, if not enchanting, debater in his 2008 and 2012 Vice Presidential debates and in the lonely debates. Individual debate on the 2020 primaries against Senator Bernie Sanders.

The debate will run without advertising from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET and will air on most major networks. There will be a live audience of less than 100 people, all of whom have been tested for COVID-19.

Please, please, please:


I think Joe Biden should bring President Obama to the debates tomorrow, put him at the center, he has nothing to do, just … sit there.

– Covie (@ roper_93) September 28, 2020

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