Debate Day bombshell uncovered as Trump's mockery of evangelicals

Trump made fun of, despised and despised Evangelical Republicans who are the backbone of his political support and support for re-election.

The Atlantic reported:

But privately, many of Trump's comments on religion are cynical and scornful, according to people who have worked for him. Former aides told me they heard Trump ridiculing conservative religious leaders, dismissing various faith groups with caricature stereotypes, and ridiculing certain rites and teachings that are considered sacred by many of the Americans who make up his base.


From the start of his brief political career, Trump has viewed right-wing evangelical leaders as a kind of pressure group to be scolded, betrayed, or bought up, former aides told me. Despite facing major Republican antagonists with deeper religious roots – Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee – Trump was confident that his wealth and fame would attract high-profile Christian surrogate mothers to vouch for him.

Like his success as a businessman and his claims to personal wealth, Trump's appeal to evangelicals is a fraud.

It's a running joke that Donald Trump accuses evangelical Christians when everyone knows that Trump only believes in himself and in money. A person of faith could not abuse or mistreat immigrants, cage children, or allow hundreds of thousands of Americans to die unnecessarily during a pandemic.

Donald Trump has always been a scam, but one of the few public services he's inadvertently rendered to the nation is that he exposed the hypocrisy of putative persons of faith who will throw their faith away in a craving for political power from people who are just as immoral and shameless as Trump.

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