Ponzi Scheme Bombshell Provides Democrats Extra Ammo to Negate Trump Judges

The recent bomb that Donald Trump used in Ponzi programs should be more than enough for Democrats to carry out judicial reform.

The New York Times reported:

In his most lucrative side business, he teamed up with a multi-tier marketing firm, ACN, whose customers were told that they could make a living selling video phones, satellite television and other services from home. ACN has been investigated in several countries and has left a number of complaints that have led people to spend far more than they earned trying to sell the company's products.

Regulators in France concluded that "only 1 percent of recruits have a satisfactory income" and that the remainder, according to court records, lost money or earned at most about $ 35 a month. Montana officials came to a similar conclusion, finding that the average attendee in that state paid ACN about $ 750 in various fees but got only $ 53 back.
Nancy Pelosi has previously indicated that Trump's court decisions could be at risk due to financial conflicts of interest, but now they have evidence that the president made money cheating people.

Trump's sources of income outside of the presidency have dried up. His tax returns show that The Apprentice was his main source of cash. Trump's business ventures lose millions of dollars every year. The only way to stay afloat is to stay in power.

Donald Trump's need for power as the lifeline for financial survival is why Democrats must reform the judiciary if they win the election. Trump is a compromised president whose corrupt decisions must be negated to restore justice to America.

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