CNN Prompt Ballot declares Joe Biden Debate Winner 60% -28%

An instant CNN poll of debate watchers found that Joe Biden won the debate by a 60-28% margin as Trump lost support.

CNN's Dana Bash said, "I think the fact that – the expectations in this instant survey are really indicative of the reality of what the people who are part of this saw saw. Before the debate, 56% of people said they thought Joe Biden was going to win. But after that 60%. And, more importantly, Jake, 43% said they thought Trump was going to win. But after that 28%. Donald Trump's debate was losing and he lost it. "


Biden beat Trump by 60% to 28%, according to a CNN poll of debate watchers.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 30, 2020

Trump's debating performance was so bad that he cost himself support. Biden did the best he could in an impossible situation. Trump showed up at the debate, determined not to respect the rules, Chris Wallace or the former Vice President.

Despite attempts by the media to blame both candidates for the on-stage fiasco, it seems that watchers of the debate know who was to blame. Trump turned the debate into a debacle. The main difference in the debate was that Joe Biden tried to talk to the American people and act like a president.

Trump treated the debate like one of his rallies or fake pandemic press conferences. Trump was there to rant and rave and voice his personal grievances. The only thing the President didn't do was tell the American people what he would do to address their problems.

The debate hurt Donald Trump and served as confirmation of why most Americans appear ready to elect him out of office.

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