Trump is changing the conservative FCC member with one who’s in opposition to the primary change

O’Reilly, who was appointed to his position in the FCC, did not refer specifically to Donald Trump's attacks on freedom of speech and the First Amendment, but delivered a speech in late July in which he said:

The first amendment protects us from the language restrictions imposed by the government– –not private actionors– –and we should reject all requests on behalf of the First Amendment to private actors Curate or publish language in a certain way. Like it or not, first change protection applies to Business units, especially if they are editorsDecision making. I shudder when I think of a day in which the Fairness Doctrine for the Internet could be reborn, particularly at the ironic bidding of in order to– –Freedom of speech called "defender". It's time to stop approving First Amendment Gibberi's supplierssh to claim they support more language when their actions make it clear that they would, in fact, circumcise it through government measures. These individuals demean and denigrate the values ​​of our Constitution and must be held accountable for their double language and Dishonesty. This institution and its members have Long was steadfast in defending the first changeand it is the duty of each of us to keep going maintained This Noble protection.

Rest-raw. Trump didn't care that Mike O'Reilly joined Ajit Pai and the Republican plan to end consumer protection for net neutrality. It didn't matter that he joined the $ 2 billion theft of local governments by the cable broadband industry. Even promoting the old, ineffective plan to deliver broadband to rural areas did not save Mike O'Reilly from Trump's dictatorship.

So who is this Simington that Trump wanted to replace O'Reilly with? Tech Dirt says he's the guy who trumps "Obviously unconstitutional executive order, which President Trump signed after getting angry that Twitter put two pointers to verify his dangerous and misleading tweets for fact. “So much for the“ light-touch regulation ”that Ajit Pai announced when it freed consumers from their protection from net neutrality.

Whether or not Simington will replace O'Reilly before his term expires remains to be seen. Elections are important.

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