Wednesday Night time Owls: GM has ordered the reimbursement of a $ 28 million tax break for the closure of an auto plant

On Monday, the Ohio Tax Credit Authority said GM would have to repay about half of those tax breaks and provide an additional $ 12 million in community support in the Mahoning Valley, the economically weak region where the plant was located. Funding is for education and training at Youngstown State University and other colleges, community programs, and infrastructure projects. (…)

While the clawback doesn't reach the total of $ 60.3 million GM received, the state's action is substantial, said Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, a nonprofit agency that tracks corporate subsidies and violations .

"The $ 28 million is still the largest clawback we can point to," he said nationwide. However, he believes the state should have sought a full refund. "It's kind of a two-thirds loaf for taxpayers." (…)



“Historians have a word for Germans who have joined the NSDAP, not because they hated Jews, but out of the hope of restored patriotism or a feeling of economic fear or the hope of preserving their religious values ​​or dislike of their opponents. or raw political opportunism or ease or ignorance or greed. That word is "Nazi". Nobody cares anymore about their motives. They joined what they joined. They have given their support and moral approval. And in doing so, they bound themselves to everything that came after. Who doesn't care anymore which particular knot they used in the tie?~~ A.R. Moxon (2017)



I deleted a tweet earlier because it had a bug. I said I would run, in fact I order Chinese food.

– Alex Arriaga (@alexarriaga__) September 30, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2012– Welcome to the culture war against teachers when you come to a theater near you:

The campaign against teachers is special and worth paying attention to. It's not that workers in general get a lot of respect in our culture, at least not beyond a vague lip service that only ever applies to the single, powerless worker who doesn't ask for anything. And janitors, housekeepers, cashiers and many others could fill books with the daily substance of working in low-status professions, I'm sure. But right now teachers are the subject of a heavily funded and top-down campaign to pursue a profession that has long been respected by the general public, and to get the people of the professional villains and parias on the path, undermine the prestige, the decision-making ability, the working conditions and of course the wages and benefits of the whole profession. What we're watching right now is a specific front in the war against the workers and one with immense reach through our culture – and soon to hit a movie theater near you, if it's not already there, in the form of the poorly rated parenting trigger drama won't flinch.

(That it is a war, not just against teachers, but against the workers of the future and against the government only sweetens the pot for many of the people who are waging the war.)

On today's Kagro in the Morning Show: Greg Dworkin is back, just in time for the … thing … that was on TV last night. Parscale is still in the news, this time about Trump campaign finances. Speaking of which, Trump's bankruptcy campaign is now using government funding for ads.

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