Trump's COVID-19 prognosis should be scary information to a bunch of people who find themselves not within the headlines

Members of the Biden campaign said they were not contacted about possible exposure despite the debate between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday. Unless Team Trump has gotten to high profile, overt notoriety with easy access to the media, it's very unlikely that the little people are their priority.

The good news for anyone who has recently come into contact with Trump – and it's important to note that we don't know what time it has to be because we can't trust this White House to tell the truth about anything happened – is that they know they have been in contact with him. It is not "a person at an event had COVID-19, but you have no way of knowing if you have come into contact with that person" Everyone who has had contact with Trump has this key information, and military personnel and intelligence agents have good health insurance. But do the people who served him food or who cleaned up after him have health insurance? Access to coronavirus tests? Physically vulnerable family members who live in close proximity to you?

Trump's irresponsibility to wearing masks and other precautions has left the US government and many of its leaders in a fragile position. But, as is so often the case, it has done potentially invisible damage to people who didn't have the power to say no or pressurize Trump to act more responsibly.

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