Trump is hospitalized, COVID-19 explodes throughout the GOP and the specialists have been withdrawn from circulation

Over in the Daily Beast, an interview with Fauci makes it clear that the coronavirus task force actually didn't have a problem some time ago: “We met seven days a week. Then five days a week. We now meet one day a week and at most twice a week, ”said Fauci. And when the task force meets, Fauci says they talk more about the economy than the virus. Fauci mentions that Trump still spends a lot of time with retired radiologist Scott Atlas, but since Atlas' job is to promote quacks and downplay the need for testing, he is of limited use in an actual crisis.

The truth is that after destroying the pandemic response team, Trump created his own COVID-19 team … and then destroyed it. There is no longer even a claim for a national response to the pandemic.

As multiple outlets have reported, even Republican donors cannot figure out why Trump and his crew are so dedicated to blowing off COVID-19 even though Trump sucks off an oxygen tank before going to the hospital. These donors aren't exactly thrilled to be part of an indoor meet and greet that was held at a small table more than a day after Trump knew he tested positive for the disease.

That Trump's high-speed Supreme Court installation derailed by an outbreak sparked after the introduction by Amy Coney Barrett, during which attendees were told to take off their masks and chat, may seem like karma. But it's also just … incomprehensible. Even people with a disdain for science seldom throw themselves off cliffs to own those libraries that believe in gravity. Why are Trump and his team so committed to ignoring experts, even when the arrow of harm is aimed directly at them?

Reporter Peter Nicholas wrote on Friday that there appeared to be no signs of change following Trump's illness. There was no more transparency, no more honesty, no more worries about compliance with CDC guidelines, no more efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 even among White House officials. "Today's practices seemed just as lax, ”wrote Nicholas. Meanwhile, Mark Meadows stepped outside the White House to speak to reporters and refused to put on a mask. Instead, he said he was "regularly tested". This was just before Trump took off again by helicopter.

But at least the nation learned on Friday that Mike Pence had been sent to one of Trump's golf resorts just in case he had to take over the golf. Sure, it's a joke, but in this administration it gets way too close to the truth.

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