The Justice Division "by chance" modified the doc within the Flynn case and handed Trump an assault on Biden

The document – notes from former FBI agent Peter Strzok's meeting in the Oval Office – mentions Biden, alluding to the Logan Act. It would be serious news if Biden personally recommended some obscure law to prosecute Flynn. As former FBI director James Comey testified last month: "I would remember this because it would be highly inappropriate for a President or Vice President to suggest the persecution or investigation of people. And it didn't happen. "

In fact, on January 4th, the day before the correct date of the White House meeting on January 5th, the FBI began discussing the Logan Act. And so the Justice Department's “mistake” has completely changed the tenor of efforts to dismiss Flynn's charges. "You gave the idea for the Logan Bill against General Flynn, ”Trump said at the September 29 debate.

This would be a monumental incompetence among the veteran attorneys at the US Department of Justice. Unfortunately, it is as easy to believe that it was done with malicious intent as that such a grave and fundamental mistake was made innocent.

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