Mike Pence confirmed disdain for the reality and his opponent, however Kamala Harris was as much as the job

Mike Pence showed Donald Trump how to do it during Wednesday night's Vice Presidential Debate. Pence pulled on his smug, condescending, more sacred pants and kept interrupting them. He didn't scream and spit like Trump. He just calmly, stubbornly ignored the deadlines, ignored hostess Susan Page's pathetic attempts to keep him on schedule, and ignored the question he had been asked. The pattern was for Pence to get a question, answer something entirely different for his entire time, and then just keep talking to do another full count – sometimes to answer the original question, sometimes to target an unrelated attack, sometimes just to seemingly dominate. And Page allowed it.

The story of following this debate – at least if you are a woman who does not want to condescend and interrupt – has been pure anger. In this regard, Senator Kamala Harris' control and calm was incredible. That doesn't mean she took it lying down. More than once, Harris reclaimed her time and calmly hit Pence back for interrupting her – "Mr. Vice President, I'll speak ”- or I'll call Page directly to give her the same time Pence grabbed. And Harris reaction shots lit Twitter for managing to be extremely expressive, with lots of "oh no, he didn't" moments without showing the anger she must have felt at Pence's lying, condescending and evasive behavior .

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