"Put Up or Shut Up": Maddow massively beats up Trump's COVID check historical past within the White Home

Rachel Maddow wiped out Donald Trump and the White House Thursday night for refusing to disclose when the president received his last negative coronavirus test and instead blamed Gold Star families for his infection.

The MSNBC host suggested that the reason the White House hushed up Trump's COVID test story is likely because he – not military families – is the "causative agent" of the infection.

"He accuses the Gold Star families of infecting him, which in itself is amazing," said Maddow. “But why does he say that? Did the president himself test negative before this event? "

"Shut up," she added. "You're going to make such a claim, prove it."


Rachel Maddow wipes out Donald Trump for blaming Gold Star families for spreading the virus while covering up his own COVID test history. #maddow

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) October 9, 2020

Maddow said:

How long has he been infected? When did he get his last negative test? I mean, they tell us that he tested positive a week ago tonight. In the days before, he had a rally in Minnesota. He had a fundraiser in New Jersey. He had a debate with Joe Biden in Ohio. He made a big event in the rose garden where nobody wore masks and nobody was socially distant. He made an event with Gold Star families, families who have lost a loved one in the U.S. military. He ran an event with Gold Star families at the White House. Nobody wore masks. Nobody is socially distant. He did all of these things in the days before the White House announced that he tested positive. Did the president bother to be tested before performing any of these events, any of those events without a mask or social distancing? He has? What are the odds that the president was positive for all of these things? This is not a minor issue, partly because the president is now blaming the Gold Star families in the White House at that Sunday event before testing positive. He accuses the Gold Star families of infecting him, which in itself is amazing. But why does he say that? Did the president himself test negative before this event? Isn't it possible that he was the one who was positive about this event and that he was the one who may have passed it on to her? I mean, the president's health shouldn't be kept secret. When asked if he tested negative for COVID, even Trump's White House has never kept this a secret. The bizarre secrecy about the timing of the President's infection means that what they are now keeping secret from all of us is information about the President himself as an infectious agent, while he is actively publicly accusing military families and blaming the families of fallen American soldiers and women servicemen, who infected him. Yes, they probably gave it to him. Stand up or shut up. You're going to make such a claim, prove it. When did he get his last test? Why are military families the first to blame you? I didn't think it would get worse with him every day. I should have known better.

Once again, Trump is targeting the military

The idea that the Supreme Commander would blame Gold Star families for failing to contain the virus in the White House would be staggering if it were a different president.

But this is Trump, a man who has often targeted members of the military. Most recently it was reported that he called troops "fools" and "losers".

Donald Trump is a sick, weak man whose incompetence and negligence have turned the White House into a COVID hotspot.

Instead of taking responsibility and creating stricter security protocols to protect his people, he carries out a massive cover-up and blames military families for his failure.

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