Thursday Night time Owls: Half a century previous OSHA is meant to guard employees. Within the pandemic, it went AWOL

The Maid Rite staff's experience was a typical example of what critics see as OSHA's unconventional and business-friendly handling of the virus that has devastated many workplaces. (…)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, OSHA, whose mission is to "ensure safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women", has reported over 10,000 complaints by workers concerned about a lack of protection against the coronavirus.

But until early September, six months after the crisis began, the agency had only quoted quotes two Employers who require them to use safer practices, according to available OSHA records. As of September 4, only 199 inspections had been carried out in response to complaints and more than 8,500 inspections had been completed without further action. Since then, OSHA has cited more than two dozen other employers for COVID violations, almost all of them hospitals or nursing homes.



β€œIt is fatal for any group of workers to have to hang forever by the edges of their skirts, other bodies on a level just below their own; This means constant downward pressure and additional difficulties to overcome in the struggle to maintain reasonable wage rates. "
~~ Florence Kelley (1898)



Let's get one thing straight: Republicans have ALREADY grabbed the Supreme Court. They stole the 2000 elections and Merrick Garland's seat and are now trying to get confirmation during an election. Biden and Democrats have the right to unwrap it if they win.

– Adam Best (@adamcbest) October 8, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2008– The Cowardice of Sarah Palin:

I suppose it should go without saying that when Sarah Palin is reduced to speaking to a harsh audience, she cannot conduct impartial interviews because they are confident she will screw it up and because she cannot be without John McCain may have to rescue her when the going gets tough and generally can't do anything other than stay in her little anti-media box and come out like the little bird in a cuckoo clock for a few sentences twice a day Screaming into a crowd and walking away is as good as useless for your own campaign. Her positive reviews were diving. She still has Troopergate in the works. It's still clear how much embarrassing tape came from her Katie Couric interview that is likely to trickle out over and over again until the election. So far she has made her most indelible American impressions on the pages of the National Enquirer.

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