Twitter takes feedback on Trump's demise extra significantly than threats in opposition to brown and black ladies

Minnesota MP Omar, who became the first hijab-wearing member of Congress to receive countless threats, responded to the same announcement with a GIF that read, "Excuse me?" Trump, his supporters and other Republicans have been targeted for not being American enough. False tweets were consistently directed against her, in which she was portrayed not only as the burning American flag, but also as the perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks.

While Twitter claims that anyone who encounters abuse should report it immediately so that it can be addressed aloud The hillOmar has visited Twitter repeatedly to exchange death threats, including one in August 2019. The policy is not new and death threats have always fallen under the category Abusive Conduct Policy on the website. However, there are clear differences when it comes to which posts are removed and flagged and how often. “We hear voices that feel that we are inconsistent in enforcing some policies. We all agree that we need to do better and we work together internally to make it happen. “, Twitter security account written down.

In addition, Trump has repeatedly urged Omar and other members of the team to "go back and help repair the utterly broken and crime-ridden places they came from" his story of racist and xenophobic tweets. However, due to the repeated racist attacks, bad language and threats from his and his supporters, no action was taken. While it shouldn't matter while Rep. Omar came to the US as a young refugee, Reps Pressley, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez were all born in the US – meaning Trump wants to be the "catastrophic" country that they want to return to own.

"Seriously, this is messed up," said Michigan Rep. Tlaib said in their own answer. "The death threats against us should have been taken more seriously by @TwitterComms [sic]."

According to CNNA quick search on Twitter still results in tweets from users calling for the deaths of the four congressional women, with a majority directed specifically to Tlaib and Omar. "I hope you both hang out for TREASON!" said a tweet.

Members of the team weren't the only ones to notice the difference in how the social media site responded to alleged threats against Trump. "Does that also apply to black and brown women who have long been molested on this platform or close by and threatened with assault and death? I think no. Because I see that the same reports are still active. Still causing damage. You * Everyone * is insincere, "said filmmaker Ava DuVernay said on twitter.

A spokesman for Twitter directed the criticism CNN and said, “At Twitter, our number one priority is improving the health of public conversation, including ensuring the safety of those who use our services. Abuse and harassment have no place on Twitter. In addition, they said that their policies “do not tolerate content that wishes, hopes, or expresses a wish for death, grievous bodily harm, or fatal illness against any individual or group of people. If we identify accounts that violate these rules, we will take enforcement action. "

Funny how a quick search on Twitter easily finds abuse against the congressional women, but the social media site claims that such content will be removed when seen. Twitter clearly has a double standard. If this were not the case, content about the Proud Boys and other hate groups would also violate their terms and conditions. Violence is not tolerated in most rooms – until it comes to black and brown life. Twitter has to do better. We as America have to do better.

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