Saturday Evening Owls: Raskin needs new constructions for the president's health. Pelosi agrees

Raskin, a constitutional scholar who was a law professor prior to the election of Maryland voters to Congress, has long advocated the establishment of an independent and impartial commission on the president's ability to exercise the powers and duties of office. Now the House Speaker is speaking about Raskin's legislation affecting the section of the 25th amendment This empowers Congress to establish a standing "body" which, in agreement with the Vice-President, may declare that the President "is unable to perform the powers and duties of his office".

But the Trump era is always about Trump. And with the presidential election less than a month away, questions of whether Pelosi and Raskin were just trolling a troubled president made the discussion even after the speaker said, “This legislation applies to future presidents. However, we are reminded of the need that the current President's health requires action. "

So be it.

If Trump's irrational presidency and the politics that go with it have got us to the point where we can finally resolve fundamental questions about the incapacity and succession of the president, that is a good thing for the future. This country leaves too many constitutional questions open until crises develop – and that is dangerous, Raskin reminds us. (…)



“A union job at GM or AT&T was once a bridge to success. Now, a Wal-Mart job without a union is a bridge to nowhere. " ~~ Andy Stern



At Daily Kos that day in 2007– And the media played stupid: vicious harpy edition::

Let's get to that in a moment. Michelle Malkin. Again.

We all know the long story. The short version here is that she decided it was a fair game to persecute the family of the 12 year old kid who had the audacity to use the SCHIP program and say he liked it and that Maybe you do too. That was nasty, of course, because although Malkin's family faced the same situation three years ago, their family is Republican and presumably has many American flag pins, while this kid's family is a group of Jerkoff Nazis from the planet Stalin.

But so, despite the outrage, the media insists on being dumber than Malkin. How empty wheel indicates thisWhen the New York Times finally realizes that Malkin is a caustic bottom-feeder, they forget all about their syndicated newspaper column and semi-regular TeeVee appearances (including the replacement for Bill O'Reilly). and she will …

Michelle Malkin, one of the bloggers who criticized the Frosts …

Yeah, only an icky-poopie blah-grr would sink that low. Didn't you know

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