Susan Collins laments that her opponent Sara Gideon is elevating an excessive amount of cash and can do something to win

When Donald Trump was elected president, it was hoped that Maine Senator Susan Collins would help keep him informed. But the moderate Republican has given the president a passport far too many times. Particularly offensive when she refused to vote for impeachment, saying she was sure Trump learned his lesson.

And thanks to their actions, Collins is now facing a very tough re-election offer against the Democrat Sara Gideon. The concerned incumbent senator recently hit her opponent during an interview with Politico.

Collins first complained that her opponent was running a dirty campaign. She said to Politico: “S.He will say or do anything to try to win. This race is based on falsehood – and tries to convince the people of Maine that somehow I'm not the same person anymore. "

The longtime Senator from Maine is also furious that Rhode Island-born Gideon is trying to take her place. Collins continued: "I grew up in Caribou and have lived in Bangor for 26 years. My family has been in Maine for generations. She has been in Maine for about 15 years and lives in Freeport. That is a big difference in our knowledge of the state. "

And like her South Carolina counterpart Lindsey Graham, Collins is furious that so much money went into her race. She complained: "It's very frustrating because so much money is backing it. And that for two years: non-stop negative advertisements. That pulls you down at some point. "

Surveys show that Gideon Collins leads by 1-12%.

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