Sunday evening owls. Nuzzi: All the presidency is a really widespread occasion.

Unmasked fools at the foot of Typhus Trump.

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In New York magazine Olivia Nuzzi writes –The entire presidency is a widespread event. Down in the polls, high in steroids and clinging to good health while putting everyone else at risk:

(…) In the hospital, Trump's world shrank overnight in a way that has not been the case since he arrived in Washington from New York to be sworn into office almost four years ago. Contagious and isolated from his family and closest associates, he was joined by Dan Scavino, the social media director who had been his caddy first and survived by his side longer than anyone who had no blood, and Mark Meadows , his highly emotional chief of staff, who slept in a room nearby and was looked after by a team of camera-aware doctors. In this sterilized detention, he tried to distract himself from his illness. He planned his escape, planned PR stunts, watched TV, and took calls from friends, coworkers, and Republican lawmakers. But he stayed consumed by what the doctors told him about his chances of survival. It wasn't a sure thing.

Nine months after the pandemic and a month before election day, the president first believed that the disease that was killing him in the polls and threatening his political future could kill him too. On the phone he remarked sarcastically, "This change of scene was great."

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