The Mayor of New Jersey assaults Trump supporters as "spiritual zealots" who need "Sharia regulation".

A New Jersey mayor recently sparked controversy by criticizing President Donald Trump in a private Facebook post that compared his supporters to "religious zealots" who "want to enact the Christian version of Sharia law."

Betsy Driver is the Mayoress of Flemington, New Jersey, and her alleged recent post was shared on a local Republican website.

THANK YOU @NBCNews for covering the terrible "Mayor" of Flemington Borough. Betsy Driver, you have to step back!

– TS (@lopestrouse) October 12, 2020

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Local leaders condemn the Mayor of Flemington

"This is the first day of the new SCOTUS terms – the religious zealots want to put the Christian version of Sharia law into effect," the post said.

“If you voted for the orange monster with COVID, get ready. If you plan to vote for him again, set me free and get rid of yourself. "

Local GOP chairman Gabe Plumer split the post and condemned it as "shameful" and "offensive".

"Your statement contradicts the principles of representative democracy," wrote Plumer in a statement.

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"It is further proof that you do not represent the people of Flemington, the character of Hunterdon County and the values ​​of at least part of the Democratic Party."

Former New Jersey MP and candidate for governor, Jack Ciattarelli, tweeted something similar on Saturday: "I, along with Chairman Plumer, are calling for the driver's resignation and calling on leaders in our state to do the same."

What has become of us Mayor Driver's vitriolic language is completely unacceptable. Of any elected official, it has absolutely no place in public discourse. Together with Chairman Plumer, I call for the driver to resign and call on the heads of state and government in our state to do the same.

– Jack Ciattarelli (@ Jack4NJ) October 10, 2020

Ciattarelli and Plumer are right, but that kind of local and hateful anti-Trump sentiment is more common than some might think.

Far-left politicians are not limited to "The Squad" in Congress

A woman who said, "I'm Antifa," wants to be the next mayor of Portland.

And she is ahead in the polls.

The Washington Examiner reports, “A poll shows that candidate for mayor Sarah Iannarone of Portland, Oregon, has stood up 11 percentage points on incumbent Democratic Mayor of the city, Ted Wheeler. "

"Iannarone has defended Antifa, an often violent group of activists whose masked supporters are protesting the law enforcement and advocating left-wing politics, after tweeting" I am Antifa, "the examiner noted.

Portland mayoral candidate @sarahforpdx says she is "ANTIFA" – what does she mean? She says @jessewatters and you will want to see that! WATCH

– Watters & # 39; World (@WattersWorld) September 6, 2020

Fox News’s Jesse Waters asked Iannarone in early September, “Why do you call yourself? the “Antifa Mayor? & # 39; ”

"Because it is good to oppose fascism!" Iannarone answered.

Madison, Wisconsin Mayor, apologized for the police praise

The mayor of the famous left-wing Madison, Wisconsin recently apologized after a video leaked of her praise and sympathy for the police for allegedly failing to say black lives matter.

NBC News reports: "The Mayoress of Madison, Wisconsin, apologized after a video leaked video praising local officials and sympathizing with police over the stress of recent protests without them Discuss nationwide concerns about police reform. ”

Madison Mayor apologizes after video leaks from her lauding officials without mentioning police reform #Wisconsin

– Raymond E. Foster (@policeofficer) June 12, 2020

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"Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway cut comments on a new video posted Wednesday. She admitted that she did not center the message that black lives matter in her password-protected video to the Madison Police Department," noted NBC.

"I understand that my actions have caused irreparable harm," said Rhodes-Conway. "I also realize that I've lost my trust permanently."

Extremist views on the left are not limited to the bright lights and bold headlines of national political figures. But it is the environment we are in now.

You are right down the street in the town hall.

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