Bipartisan efforts to guard U.S. democracy from a sore loser Donald Trump are on the rise

When the election comes, House Democrats will prepare, and Rep. Jamie Raskin, a former constitutional law professor, says: "We will have every constitutional and legal tool on the table to defend the outcome. "

Democrats are trying to convince the major social media platforms to take action to prevent the spread of false news and conspiracy theories. So far, however, the announced steps "benefit nothing but Donald Trump and Republicans who are trying to sow confusion and misinformation" priorities US chief Guy Cecil. "They're not doing enough and what they're doing is late in the game."

CNN reports: "As plans are being worked out, concerns are raised that if he claims or claims victory on election night prior to the convening of states, Democrats simply won't have the messaging power to counter Trump's bullying pulpit – and Twitter account Democrats would have stolen the election. "

Two things here: traditional media outlets like CNN are going to have a thing or two to say about how this works. The integrity of the election is not for both sides, folks, and everyone on CNN and NBC and ABC and CBS and USA Today, and damn ESPN and People magazine has to be prepared for it.

Second, Donald Trump doesn't have the biggest Twitter account out there. He is sixth. On the first place? Former President Barack Obama. The third, fourth, seventh, and eighth largest accounts include Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, none of which are Trump supporters. So it is not a given that Trump will own the Twitter response – when the people with the platforms are ready and willing to speak up to defend an election result that Trump does not like.

Above all, however, the best and most important way to stop Trump from undermining the legitimacy of the election is for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win so convincingly that no one but the bitterest of the Trump dead ends can believe him if he says it does that the election was stolen from him. We have to either push him into the dust. That is the goal here, the way to both avoid the ugliness he hopes to let loose on us and make 2021 a productive year that is beginning to undo the damage Trump has done so far .

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