Netanyahu humiliates Trump on demand in entrance of the world

Trump tried to get Netanyahu to say that Biden couldn't make a deal while on a call, but Netanyahu humiliated Trump with a diplomatic response.


Trump was trying to get Netanyahu to praise him on a phone call about the normalization of relations between Israel and Sudan when his face literally sinks as Netanyahu humiliates him with a diplomatic response.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 23, 2020

Trump asked Netanyahu if Biden could make the Israel-Sudan deal to normalize relations: "Do you think sleepy Joe could have done this deal, Bibi, do you think he would have made this deal somehow?" I do not believe that. "

Netanyahu replied, “Mr. President, one thing I can tell you is that we appreciate the help for peace from everyone in America. We appreciate it with you. Appreciate what you did. This will be in the history books. "

Trump smiled and leaned forward as he asked Netanyahu the setup question, and his face bowed when the Israeli leader did not specifically mark Trump for his praise, telling him that he was the only person who could make it happen.

This is the new political reality for Trump. His buddy Bibi had to hedge his bets as there's a good chance he'll be speaking to Joe Biden in the Oval Office soon.

Donald Trump asked a hugely inappropriate question when trying to use the White House to fuel his re-election campaign, but all he got for his troubles was humiliation and a strong signal that voters will push him out the door.

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