Trump's rallies fail, making Joe Biden extra in style

Trump's multiple rallies a day won't help him stand in the elections, but they keep Joe Biden very popular.

In a new Fox News poll published on Friday evening, it says: “Biden has a net personal rating of +11: 55 percent see him as positive versus 44 percent as negative. For Trump, 44 percent see him as positive and 55 percent as negative, which puts him under water by 11 points. In addition, 48 percent have a “severely” unfavorable opinion of him compared to 34 percent for Biden. "

Trump has held rallies on a daily basis since he was discharged from hospital with the coronavirus, but his approval rating remains at 44%, which is in perfect line with the percentage of overall support he gets in the Fox News poll.

A president who holds multiple rallies across the country every day should see his standing in the elections improve, but Trump is stuck where he has been for months.

Donald Trump's vote cap appears to be between 42% and 44%.

The big difference between 2020 and 2016 is that Joe Biden is popular. Donald Trump's endless attacks and rallies don't hurt Biden's popularity. In fact, they seem to be helping Biden.

The more Donald Trump speaks, the more he denies the reality of the coronavirus pandemic and reminds the majority of voters why they shouldn't vote for him.

Trump's rallies fail and help elect Joe Biden.

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