Trump plans to declare victory on election evening after which declare the election was stolen

Trump has devised a plan to declare victory if it looks like he's ahead on election night, and then declare the election stolen if he loses.

Axios reported:

President Trump has told confidants that if it looks like he's "ahead," he will declare victory Tuesday night, according to three sources familiar with his private comments.

Trump has spoken at length about this scenario privately over the past few weeks, describing plans to go to a podium on election night and declare that he has won. In addition, his allies expect him to either win or take the lead in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Arizona and Georgia.

For Trump's plan to preventively try to steal the job election, he has to win or have big head start in states where he can potentially lose. The way to stop Trump's plan before it ever starts is for Joe Biden to win North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, or any of the other states listed above.

Even the Trump campaign admits they are doing worse than expected in Georgia. If Georgia or North Carolina go to Biden, Trump will be on his way to defeat. It is possible that Trump could have more than one of the states listed above.

In the same report, Axios' Jonathan said that Trump plans to declare the election once Democrats in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania move forward when the postal ballot papers are counted.

Trump will make a false declaration of victory that no one but his supporters will believe in as part of his bid to steal the election from Joe Biden.

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