Republican soiled tips start with a delay in voting tools for the Democratic Georgia space

Delivery of voting machines to Democratic territories was delayed in a trick that resembled a stunt pulled by Georgia Republicans in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

Josie Duffy Rice tweeted:

Update from the poll worker here in Fulton County, GA. (Fulton is the heart of Atlanta. Crucial to tomorrow's outcome.)

– Josie Duffy Rice (is on vacation) (@jduffyrice) November 2, 2020

After an intervention by local Democratic State officials hours later, things began to find out:

The good news is that you seem to be figuring this out !!!!

– Josie Duffy Rice (is on vacation) (@jduffyrice) November 3, 2020

Finding something out after a delay doesn't seem like the best outcome. There are reasons why the device was set up the day before. Election workers must ensure that everything is tested and in good working order and that they understand how to use the equipment. Delay in setup increases the chances of something going wrong on election day, and if something goes wrong with electoral equipment in Georgia, long lines and disenfranchised Democratic voters are the end result.

Georgia has a long history of these types of "glitches" which for some reason affect African American and Democratic voters.

In 2018, power cords for voting machines were not made available to Democratic Districts. Georgia Republicans also kept 2,000 voting machines locked up and not made available to areas with high Democratic turnout in the same elections.

The dirty tricks have begun, and with Joe Biden having a real chance at turning Georgia blue, this likely won't be the only report of electoral oddities from the Peach State.

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