The individuals who need to vote are turning lemons into lemonade with a really particular exercise within the US

The big day is finally here! If you're already on Twitter or joined polling stations today or in the past few days, you may have noticed a particular trend outside of the polling stations. What? People dance. If you've been lucky enough to come across a Joy to the Polls celebration, chances are you've experienced the truly lush atmosphere for yourself. If not, the videos are equally smiling. Because there really is so much hope and happiness in polls across the country, we also gathered some non-musical inspiration.

Of course, people shouldn't have to stand in long lines to vote. The voting should be safe, accessible and efficient. Long, inaccessible lines are just another example of the suppression of voters in action, especially amid a global pandemic. But people – including elected officials – are out among the crowds trying to make the most of it. Let's look at some cute moments below.

Mobilize America has hundreds of campaigns and local democratic parties organizing (mostly virtual) voting activities. Find one near you and connect with members of your community as you work towards getting the democratic vote!

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