Biden doesn’t assign any authorized foundation. High lawyer says Trump will endure an "embarrassing defeat"

The election campaign remains optimistic about the prospect of getting through to the electoral college. "We knew this would take a long time," said Biden just before 1am early Wednesday morning, adding, "It's not over until every vote is counted."

But when Trump spoke to supporters at the White House around 2 a.m., he delivered a predictable cloud of angry disinformation, falsely claiming that his election was stolen from him because he won until he wasn't.

"Millions upon millions of people voted for us," said Trump in the East Room. "A very sad group of people are trying to disenfranchise this group of people." As in Biden, voters are trying to disenfranchise Trump voters. Hell yeah – that's how it works.

Trump said they were preparing for a huge party and then "suddenly it was just canceled". Apparently, reality was raining all over his personal universe.

"So let's go to the Supreme Court," threatened Trump, adding, "we want all voting to stop." Trump will certainly be relieved if someone informs him that "all votes" have already stopped at the time of his utterance.

As for Trump's legal threats, the Biden campaign says see you in court.

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