Florida votes to boost the state's minimal wage to $ 15 an hour

Voting signs outside the Palm Beach County Public Library polling station during the 2020 presidential election in Palm Beach, Florida, the United States, Nov. 3, 2020.

Marco Bello | Reuters

Florida voted Tuesday to gradually raise the state's minimum wage to $ 15 an hour and joined a growing list of states and communities to take the move.

The 2020 election initiative brought in the 60% support needed to get it passed, according to The Associated Press. Florida is the eighth state to approve a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour and the second largest to do so.

The move would raise the state's current wage floor from $ 8.56 an hour to $ 10 next year. For each year thereafter, the minimum wage would increase by $ 1 an hour until it hit $ 15 in 2026.

Labor advocates have long argued that the minimum wage should be raised to what is known as a living wage. The movement has grown in prominence across the country: Parliament passed a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour last year, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden also supports politics.

However, many Florida companies have spoken out against raising the minimum wage. President Donald Trump has said states should make the decision.

John Morgan, a wealthy personal injury attorney, has poured millions of dollars into efforts to take the initiative for the 2020 vote.

The measure was passed with more than 60% support despite Trump's planned victory in the state with more than 51% of the vote.

Labor advocates didn't get all the good news from electoral initiatives on Tuesday. California voted Tuesday to exempt Uber and Lyft from a law that would make drivers employees rather than contractors.

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