The winner of the presidential election can’t be introduced but as vote counting continues in key states

Election night ends without a clear winner in the presidential race – a result that we hopefully wanted to avoid, but we knew it was a strong possibility. The massive increase in postal ballot papers coupled with laws in some states that have prevented those postal ballots from being processed prematurely means that some key states are still counting, as predicted, and possibly counting for days.

The vote count in Arizona has slowed to a crawl. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan all have to count large numbers of postal ballot papers, which in some cases can take days. Atlanta and its suburbs have a significant number of votes that need to be counted no earlier than late Wednesday morning.

Of course, we hoped Joe Biden would win on such a landslide that the evening would end with a clear result, even if the count continued. That's not the case. But stressful as it is, the continued counting of votes is not a sign that anything is wrong. The wait sucks though.

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