Urges endurance with the vote depend, Biden says he’s on monitor to win

Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, left, and wife Jill Biden arrive for an election night party in Wilmington, Delaware, United States on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Stefani Reynolds | Bloomberg | Getty Images

WASHINGTON – Democrat Joe Biden told supporters early Wednesday that he was confident he would win the presidential election.

"I am optimistic about this result," said a smiling Biden in Wilmington, Delaware. "We are confident about Arizona" and Minnesota.

"We're still in the game in Georgia, even though we weren't expecting it … and we're feeling really good about Wisconsin and Michigan."

Biden said he was also confident "we will win Pennsylvania."

Millions of legitimate postal and postal ballot papers were not counted, particularly in key states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, three states that count personal votes first and then postal votes.

"We knew because of the unprecedented mail-in voting and early voting it was going to take a while," said Biden, "and we have to be patient and it's not over until every vote is counted."

At 12:45 p.m. ET on Wednesday, NBC News predicted that Biden had received 205 votes while President Donald Trump had won 171.

The evening was a roller coaster ride for Republicans and Democrats as Trump secured victories in must-win states but failed to pave the way for 270 votes.

With planned victories in the battlefield states of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, Trump has defied predictions of a landslide in Biden. In other key states, including Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, full results are yet to be determined.

Trump has spent months laying the legal and political foundations to question the results in half a dozen states that continue to count postal votes after election day.

While Biden was speaking, Trump falsely accused the Democrats of "stealing the elections".

"We're BIG, but they're trying to steal the vote. We'll never make them. Votes can't be cast after the polls are closed!" he tweeted.

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