Georgia and Michigan judges have simply killed Trump's undercut election

Georgia and Michigan judges were quick to dismiss two frivolous Trump lawsuits designed to undermine the integrity of the vote.

The AP reported, "Judges in Georgia and Michigan on Thursday were quick to reject Trump campaign charges, undermining a campaign strategy to attack the integrity of the voting process in states where the outcome could mean the defeat of President Donald Trump."

The Trump campaign is filing unsubstantiated lawsuits in still controversial states to cast doubt on the elections and try to change the results through protests and outrage. Trump and his team are already thinking about running for president again in 2024. This is a strong signal that they believe the 2020 elections are lost.

Trump is trying to instill outrage and distrust of the system in order to delegitimize Joe Biden so that he can become president again in 2024.

The plan will only work if the courts play along and treat Trump's unfounded lawsuits like serious legal arguments. However, in Georgia and Michigan, his grievances were quickly thrown out of court because judges can see what Trump is asking them to change election results and help him resume his political career in 2024.

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