The anti-Whitmer protests in Michigan additionally organized grounds for potential militia kidnappers

Of the 14 men on federal and state charges in this case, the Post found eight – three on federal charges and five on state charges – participating in at least seven of the anti-Whitmer protests. Conspiracy leader, 37-year-old Alex Fox, was among six men who took part in the first protests in Lansing on April 30, when a large crowd of armed militiamen successfully concluded deliberations at the State House of attempting to get into its chambers to penetrate.

Michigan militia leader Alex Fox, in the middle of the beige cap, leads an attempt to enter the chambers of the Lansing house on April 30.

In a video captured by MLive, Fox is seen near the crowd, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, signifying participation in the civil war-seeking “boogaloo” movement, while facing Michigan State soldiers and Capitol security. Fox can be seen singing, "Let's in!"

At the previous rally, Republican leaders had lashed the crowd with extremist rhetoric. “We are in a war right now. We are in a war for the hearts, souls, traditions and freedom of our state and our country. It's up to us to end the closure, "said then-Congressional candidate Mike Detmer (who later finished second in his race)), adding that opposition to COVID-19 measures must continue for" tyranny to do that dark hole from which it comes back down ”.

Four of the men, including Fox, took part in the wet Judgment Day protest on May 14, preceded by a flurry of violent online rhetoric that claimed Whitmer's death. The rally only attracted a handful of attendees who could not enter the Capitol because it was a Saturday when the building is normally closed. Among them, however, was a man who dangled a doll that served as a portrait of Whitmer from a noose.

Fox also attended the May 18 event in Grand Rapids, titled "Sheriffs Speak Out," which featured several Republicans including House Speaker Mike Shirkey and Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf. The militia plotters William and Michael Null were also there and acted as security guards on the stage.

Republicans have refused to accept any liability for their complicity in the extremist violence that stems from the events they faced in response to Democratic attempts to deal with the pandemic and other government efforts, including sensible gun control in Virginia have caused. especially since Donald Trump himself is the cause of much of the hysteria.

As the Post's investigation shows, the line between right-wing extremists and supposedly mainstream Republicans all but disappeared in 2020 as events organized and encouraged by the latter have simply become recruiting and organizing for the former.

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