Trump and Biden are inside lower than 1 proportion level in Georgia. Vox has reside outcomes.

The results in Georgia are very close – more returns are expected on Thursday.

As of 12:00 p.m. CET on Thursday, President Donald Trump has a 0.3 percentage point lead in the state and is up less than 15,000 votes. Trump won the state with around five points in 2016.

Georgia still has around 60,000 ballots to count, according to Gabriel Sterling, the state's implementation manager for the voting system. "We estimate quickly, we estimate more accuracy," he said in a press conference on Thursday morning. "I pray that today we can find a solution by the end of the day." Almost 99 percent of the expected votes were counted in the state, according to Vox's electoral partner decision desk.

Many of the remaining ballots in Georgia are from the populous Fulton and Chatham counties – where Atlanta and Savannah are located, which, given his previous strength in both locations, could be a good sign for Biden. Biden has seen solid support so far in these two counties, while Trump has performed well in other parts of the state, including Cherokee, Forsyth and Hall counties.

Another reason to believe that the uncounted ballots could be good news for Biden is the fact that the majority of them are mail-in votes. Before election day, data showed that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to use this voting method.

As in many other states, Georgia also saw record-breaking results this year. About 3.9 million people cast their ballots early. Final results in Georgia could be in as early as Thursday, although Sterling signaled they could also take more time given the tightness of the presidential race. Whoever wins the state receives 16 critical votes.

Vox broadcasts live results, supported by Decision Desk:

Vox also has results pages for the presidential race and other major swing states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada.

You can follow ours Senate live results here and House live results here. Finally here how Vox (and other media) will make calls.

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