Abstract of the specialists: A brand new elected president awaits us

We're awaiting calls and results from states like Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. But…. Pennsylvania!! And don't underestimate how difficult Joe Biden's performance was. He had to assert himself in a two-front war against an incumbent president, using every dirty trick the president's power allows AND setting up a conservative media ecosystem against him.

Lets you estimate the forces that are opposing Hillary, by the way. But Biden was disciplined and had the secret weapon of decency. And this time it was enough.

Here things are at 6:40 a.m. ET. * Joe Biden erases Donald Trump's leadership in Georgia. Biden now up to 1,096 votes. * Trump's lead in Pennsylvania shrinks to 18,229. Over 160,000 ballot papers were not counted. * Biden still leads in Arizona with 1.6% and Nevada with 0.9%.

– Jim Roberts (@nycjim) November 6, 2020

It's hard to overstate how angry Trump's agents are at Fox right now. Incandescent only.

– Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) November 5, 2020

This tweet from Jonathan Swan is why Donald Trump went out in a nationwide televised chatter at 6:30 p.m. to claim the election was fraudulent.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President 160 years ago today:

– Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC), November 6, 2020

New York Times:

Trump breaks the silence in a statement full of untruths.

President Trump broke a two-day silence with reporters to make a brief statement filled with tremendous falsehoods and sacrifices about the electoral process as workers in a handful of states continued to tabulate votes.

The president has so far painted the election results as part of an overall conspiracy to remove Democrats, election officials in various cities, and the news media from a second term.

"If you count the legal votes, I win easily," began Mr. Trump as he stood on the podium in the White House briefing room, a false statement that challenged the rest of the election. He offered no evidence; Instead, he listed a number of conspiracy theories as to why ballot papers were late in some places.

I've read or seen all of Trump's speeches since 2016. This is the most dishonest speech he has ever made.

– Daniel Dale (@ ddale8) November 5, 2020

NBC breaks off, saying Trump's claims are false

– Greg Dworkin (@DemFromCT) November 5, 2020

And ABC, NPR and other outlets too. Finally.

We want every vote to be counted, yes every legal vote (of course). However, if you have legitimate concerns about fraud, bring EVIDENCE and take it to court. STOP the spread of exposed misinformation … This is going to be insane.

– Adam Kinzinger (@RepKinzinger), November 6, 2020

This is dangerous stuff from POTUS. The temperature is hot but the people are patient and responsible throughout the vote count. And now he's doing everything possible to unsettle the situation. This is the level of unpresidency.

– Julian Zelizer (@julianzelizer) November 5, 2020

And it all led to:

It's annoying to see how it goes on, but the coverage of Trump's false claims has been very solid and I think this is a good way to deal with it. But Trump is cooked here, even if Wasserman doesn't say the words.

– Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 6, 2020

And the:

I understand … what you did there.

– Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 6, 2020

(Stage whispers: beehive knees down)

Nate Cohn / Conclusion:

Why didn't time call Arizona?

Other outlets are sure, but we're not sure enough which votes still need to be counted.

The Associated Press and Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden. The New York Times hasn't.

In most races, The Times automatically accepts the A.P. Race calls made. In the most important races, however, we independently evaluate whether an A.P. call should be accepted, based on our own analysis.

The main reason we haven't picked up the call in Arizona? We don't think there is enough solid data on the number of votes to be counted after election day. The data we have suggests that President Trump may be fine. In our opinion, Mr. Biden was and still is popular. But on Tuesday night and after, there was no way based on hard evidence to rule out the possibility that Mr. Trump might win. That means a race call for us.

As of 1:30 p.m. CNN, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, DecisionDesk HQ, and Reuters hadn't called Arizona.

One persistent factor in "low Latino turnout" is that voter turnout is often expressed as a percentage of the electorate. But measured by the% of registered Latinos, the picture is changing. The key to voter turnout is getting the community involved years before you ask for their vote.

– Stephen Nuño-Perez (@SNunoPerez) November 5, 2020

Tom Nichols / Atlantic:

A large part of the electorate chose the sociopath

America will have to grapple with this fact.

The moment every Donald Trump opponent has been waiting for is near: Joe Biden appears to be taking the lead. Why am i not happy

I am definitely relieved. A Biden win would be an infinitely better result than a Trump win. If Trump kept power, our child king would not be constrained by disruptive laws and institutions. The United States would begin its final days as a democracy and eventually move beyond the lead of authoritarianism.

A win for Biden would prevent this terrible possibility.

But no matter how this election ends, America is a different country now. Almost half of the voters saw Trump in all his glory – his childish tirades, his catastrophic and deadly policies, his disdain for democracy in all its forms – and they decided to want more of it. Its constituents can no longer hide behind excuses about Hillary Clinton's corruption or their willingness to take risks for an unproven political freshman. You can't pretend ignorance about how Trump would govern. You know and have hugged him.

Do not destroy any records

– Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) November 4, 2020

As someone noted, Trump tweets have more warnings than a pack of cigarettes.

"A presidency born of a lie about Barack Obama's birthplace was about to end a lie about his own hesitant offer for re-election." By @peterbakernyt @maggieNYT

– Cliff Levy (@cliffordlevy) November 6, 2020


Black voters could save Biden's election campaign yet again

For the second time in Joe Biden's presidential bid, his campaign is on the sidelines, as razor-thin borders separate him and President Trump in battlefield states where votes are still counted.

And for the second time in this election cycle, black voters could be leading the Democrats to victory – just as they revived Biden in the South Carolina primary.

I got the hang of commenting on U.S. politics – if Trump scratches home on the electoral college but loses the popular vote in 2016, the Democrats will be out of touch. – If Biden scratches home on the electoral college and wins the 2020 referendum, the Democrats will be out of touch.

– Henry Mance (@henrymance) November 5, 2020

Tim Alberta / Politico Magazine:

Three reasons Biden turned the Midwest around

Trump gave up his profits with key groups from four years ago, and Biden regained lost democratic ground.

1) Biden stopped Trump from scoring with working class whites

2) Biden peeled off Trump's support in conservative suburbs

3) Biden got black voters to sign up in large numbers

Biden won WI with 20,000 votes. Clinton lost WI by 23,000 votes. The difference? Trump is bleeding in the affluent white MKE suburbs. 2016 Washington: Trump +40 Waukesha: Trump +27 Ozaukee: Trump +19 2020 Washington: Trump +38 Waukesha: Trump +21 Ozaukee: Trump + 12https: //

– Tim Alberta (@TimAlberta) November 5, 2020

Jack Jenkins / Religious Intelligence Service:

How Trump's tough game for Hispanic Evangelicals helped stun Biden in Florida

"I think the Biden campaign is going to say, 'We screwed it up: we took the Latino vote and the evangelical vote for granted," said Rev. Tony Suarez, vice president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

One response, said Rev. Gabriel Salguero, founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition and a Florida resident, is religion.

"It confirmed what I said about three or four election cycles: that Latinos are not a monolith that was capitalized and that Hispanic evangelicals are the epitome of swing voters," said Salguero, White House Advisory Council on Faith was. Based and Neighborhood Partnerships under former President Barack Obama.

Salguero pointed to two major Hispanic electoral blocs in the state: one with ties to Cuba, which President Donald Trump led 55% of all, according to NBC polls, and others with ties to Puerto Rico, of which only 30% supported the president.

Cubans and Puerto Ricans, according to Salguero, make up roughly the same percentage of voters in Florida – about 29% and 27%, respectively, according to Pew Research. But Hispanic evangelicals, although a small group overall, overlap with both groups and are influenced by problems rather than party loyalty.

"You have these very close races and who's going to make the difference? Probably the epitome of the faith voter in Orlando, Tampa and Miami."

NBC: ESPER has prepared a resignation letter, officials said. Esper also plans to help Congress draft legislation to remove Confederate-named military bases, which could further alienate him from Trump.

– Scott Wong (@scottwongDC) November 5, 2020

Brandon Sanchez / Commonweal:

The complicated case of the Hispanic voters

"The Hispanic Republican"

(Historian Geraldo) Cadava helpfully looks beyond the "anti-Castro-Cuban" archetype and advocates a broader view of who constitutes the Hispanic electorate, including immigrants who fled conflict in Mexico and Central America. Ronald Reagan in particular was viewed as an anti-communist cowboy. During his re-election campaign, US Treasurer Katherine Ortega, a prominent Hispanic Reagan Bush supporter, told the masses that the weak leadership of the Carter Mondale administration had left the door open to communist threats near and far.

But what was the substance of this American mythology? Most of all, for Hispanic Republicans, it was the idea that hard work would lead to success – the promise of upward mobility. And if you consider yourself a hard worker deserving wealth and status, you will always find a scapegoat that is considered undeserved and less industrious: a drain on resources. Cadava is most convincing when he tentatively points out the importance of anti-blackness in the story he tells and the importance that the architecture of white – and the yearning for proximity to white – plays in American politics.

Don't get me wrong – the first legally cast vote and the last legally cast vote are exactly the same value. But in many states, including some of those we are fixated on today, there is no correlation between when they were occupied and when they were counted. And that's why we're waiting.

– Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) November 4, 2020

Tom McTague / Atlantic:

The President confirms the world's fears

Trump railed against fraud for no reason and claimed an election, the outcome of which remains doubtful.

To this day, the American president himself could be loathed or ridiculed, the nature of American power questioned, and even the corruption of American politics discussed. Few doubted the strength of America's constitutional character, the foundation on which it built its republic. There have been controversial elections before – Chads pending and worse – but Trump's comments, which came before all votes were counted nationwide and with multiple states up for grabs, signaled a pause. This is not yet a constitutional crisis, but a president claiming an office he did not win (albeit one he may have) is a crisis of its own.

NEW from me + @BrandyZadrozny: Pro-Trump employees, some of whom were behind #WeBuildTheWall, coordinated these viral #StopTheSteal Facebook events. Facebook shut them down. Https://

– Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) November 5, 2020

Lou Dobbs is out of order. He berates Ric Grenell about Fox Biz and says, "Why isn't the Republican Party demanding en masse that the Justice Department move in here?" Jesse Watters is now similarly grumbling about Fox …

– Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) November 5, 2020

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