The Nevada race seems to be over when Joe Biden doubles his lead

Biden has doubled its lead in Nevada, which means the race in the state is heading for a Biden win.

Jon Ralston tweeted:

NEWS: Clark ballots are in, Biden doubles lead to 22K in Nevada.

It's over.

– Jon Ralston (@RalstonReports) November 6, 2020

For Trump in the state, however, rural counties come in:

Another rural county, Douglas County has just cast a whopping 5,199 votes, 3,252 for Donald Trump and 1,663 for Joe Biden. That is a bit narrower Biden's lead of 1.63% or 20,552 votes. Nationwide numbers:
– Joe Biden: 49.76% (626,202)
– Donald Trump: 48.13% (605,650)

– Megan Messerly (@meganmesserly) November 6, 2020

The Trump campaign sued Nevada state for electoral fraud in a 10,000-vote dispute, but Biden's leeway has increased to double the amount listed in the Trump campaign's frivolous lawsuit. Most of the votes that come to the state come from the heavily democratic Clark County.

As with the events in Pennsylvania and Georgia, once those votes are counted, Biden is expected to further extend his lead.

Jon Ralston is the country's foremost political expert on elections in Nevada. He said the race is over so it is very likely that Joe Biden Nevada will win.

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