Friday Evening Owls: Surveys present that most individuals need local weather motion. Why did so many vote for Trump?

The division between public opinion and public policy on this issue is not surprising. The same organizations and think tanks that spread climate denial for decades have also worked on it isolate their corporate financiers from democratic majorities. After the New Deal worked to restrict them and brought in Democrats In big election victories, wealthy men set about preventing it from happening again and making their power invulnerable to the will of the people Voter suppression, stacked Courts, Trade agreements and gerrymandered Congressional districts. Because telling people to suppress their voice has never been popular, gaining electoral power meant smashing democratic institutions like trade unions – by Mass layoffs, for example – and the ugliest legacy in the country Share groups otherwise it could join together as a majority to fight plutocratic rule. white supremacy has been Particularly useful in breaking coalitions calling for a more egalitarian society. And in one Apartheid state whose constitution was written By and for slave owners, those who wanted to exploit racism for profit had a lot of material to work with.

Elites hoping for a bulwark against democracy built and commanded entire media like them National review and Fox News and academic departments like that University of Virginia Economics Program. Prof. It may have lasted and several decades failed Presidential offers, however, these phenomenally well-funded efforts have been hugely successful, not only to gain power but also to change common sense for politicians on both sides of the aisle. Industry captains may find Trump a little bit now inappropriate, but they built his presidency nonetheless. (…)

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“Not every election will be as full of poison, misinformation, resentment and outside interference as this one. Solutions will play a role again in politics. "
~~ Hillary Rodham Clinton. What happened (2017)



At Daily Kos that day in 2008– Rom Romney maintains the self-imposed gag order to the bitter end:

Romney didn't ask a question He hasn't interviewed an independent media company since late September, and that interview was with Newsmax, unless you sit down with Chris Berman for an interview on Monday night.

As desperate as Romney is to reach out to voters, you'd think he'd accept every interview invitation he could possibly get. The only problem is that if he did that he would have to defend his misleading television commercials and dishonest debates. If Mitt Romney believed he could do the interviews, he would undoubtedly be as close to the public as possible. And the fact that he doesn't is a pretty good indication that he understands his campaign is a scam.

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