States are difficult illegally appointed efforts by Chad Wolf to additional decimate DACA

"Despite the landmark US Supreme Court ruling that the Trump administration's attempt to overturn the DACA is illegal, the federal government has continued to take steps to reduce protections for dreamers brought to the US as children." Becerra said in the complaint, along with Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Changes ordered by the illegally appointed Acting Secretary include reducing the term of protection from two years to just one year and rejecting new applicants outright, as well as denying early parole, which has allowed DACA recipients to do so in the past Do travel outside of the US and return safely.

“Ultimately, the illegal changes are directly damaging the dreamers and threatening to rob them of the opportunity to give back to their communities, even for the approximate ones 29,000 doctors, nurses, dentists, medical assistants and other healthcare workers who have benefited from DACA and are on the frontline every day with the ongoing pandemic, ”Becerra continued.

A lawsuit filed by The Mexican-American Legal Protection and Education Fund (MALDEF) and others also questioned the authority of illegal Chad in September, saying it “has no legal authority to learn better the lives of hundreds of thousands of dreamers who live in the country and work that they call home. ”

"The irresponsible governance of the Trump administration has consequences for our constitution and our statutes," said then President and General Counsel of MALDEF, Thomas A. Saenz. "Trump's refusal to nominate candidates to head the Department of Homeland Security – even if his own party controls the Senate, which has to approve such appointments – means that the punitive Wolf memorandum was illegally issued."

But unlawful Chad has never paid much attention to the law or rules lately, and has basically used its government office to promote the re-election of its boss in states like Arizona and Texas. Hmm, wonder why these states are right now. They may not care, but it hasn't gone unnoticed: on demand The head of the Hatch Act division of the Office of Special Counsel this week agreed to open an investigation into the shameless campaigns of top DHS officials.

We noticed it too and we are also interested. On this final day of the nationwide vote, remember that democratic victories don't just mean knocking Trump out of office. It also means cleaning out your army of corrupt lackeys and protecting programs that protect families everywhere.

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