Victory Night time Owls: Harris broke a glass ceiling, however it's nonetheless being held at the next degree

When Barack Obama was in the White House, many on both left and right cited the first black president as evidence that the nation had made significant strides on racial issues. However, that notion was washed away by Trump's election, showing that Obama's presidency had been a deviation, not evidence of an inclusive new norm.

Likewise, commentators will be tempted to ises Harris and characterize her vice presidency as evidence that women of skin color have arrived in a new position of power. While black women’s political muscle is a real thing, Harris’ victory does not remove the hurdles that black women regularly face.

Nobody should forget how much sexism and racism – the combination known as misogyny – Harris faced or not relentless misinformation campaigns led against them on the way to the vice presidency. No one should forget that while the Biden-Harris pairing was ultimately victorious, millions of people voted for a president who not only gleefully belittled and insulted Harris, but also other high profile women of color. No one should forget that due to ingrained stereotypes about black women, Harris needs to be more cautious than Biden in the country's second-highest office. […]



“There is a mysterious cycle in human events. A lot is given to some generations. Much is expected of other generations. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with fate. "

~~ Franklin D Roosevelt, Democratic National Convention, June 27, 1936



At Daily Kos that day in 2008– The Republican "permanent majority" lasts less than a presidency:

A few years ago, Republican strategists crowed over a new "permanent Republican majority". As of last night, Republicans have been a regional party with a narrowly defined ideology and poor support among the next generation of voters.

And all it took was Republicans sucking at every level imaginable, dragging the nation into botched war effort, corruption in the Justice Department, and the possible collapse of our entire financial system.

So … yay us i guess.

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