Abbreviated Knowledgeable Panel: A Democracy If You Can Preserve It

Jonathan Chait / New York:

The end of a mistake

This country has always been better than Donald Trump.

Trump was fanatical about his shocking election portrayed under the guise of an imaginary popular mandate. So he directed his press secretary to tell about Farcical lying about his opening masses, why he spread misleading cards shows the vast expanses of land occupied by his followers and why he portrayed his enemies as an elite and an alien force. You had to consider Trump as the true representative of the People.

In a strange way, the Liberals had to believe in it too. The shock of Trump's election sparked a self-confidence crisis among his opponents. People have an innate need to believe that events of profound significance must have profound causes. Trump's success must reveal a great and terrible secret. They – Trump's America – need to be, if not more numerous, then at least more authentic and bound together by a secret bond inaccessible to the rest of us. Trump benefited from polling errors in both 2016 and 2020 that filled him with a mystical aura, a wizard with a secret connection to the heartland that was invisible to the elite.

The simple truth is that it was all a mistake – a terrible, fatal mistake, the toll on which will last for decades. The exact causes have all been exhumed: bad decisions by Hillary Clinton, an easily manipulable press corps, the FBI, the GRU, and the electoral college who sort out the votes in exactly the same way.


Sunday evening update on Biden's leads:

GA: 10K
AZ: 17K
NV: 34K
PA: 43K

His national lead over Trump is over 4.4 million and growing.

If all states had counted their postal ballots early, that election would have been scheduled Tuesday night and would not be seen as so close.

– Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) November 9, 2020

More from Aaron:

I keep coming back to how difficult it is to remove an incumbent president. Ultimately, it was Trump himself who ousted the presidency. Every misstep added up. Not a single incident – a string of pandemic failures and Floyd protests have displaced enough non-Twitter people.

There was absolutely a reservoir of support for Trump that could have overdone him – every incumbent carries it (remember, Ford nearly won in 1976; W 2004 and Obama 2012 each ended up beating their polls). So Biden had to take advantage of every Trump mistake.

This is especially true of a challenger who is running a "Restoration" campaign rather than a "New Direction" theme. It would be more important to get all anti-Trump voters to vote than to create whole new groups of supporters who could end up falling out. JOMD helped.


"This f-ing virus": In Donald Trumps 2020 undo

How Biden prevailed and, according to conversations with 75 insiders, Trump came up short in an unforgettable election.

Trump was at a loss. The economy was strong. The president had built an enormous political infrastructure and made hundreds of millions of dollars. That month, Trump's campaign ran a $ 1.1 million polling project that led him to lead Democratic challengers in blue states like Colorado, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

"Sir, whatever, this is coming. This is the only thing that could overturn your presidency, ”Parscale told the president.

Grabbed Trump.

"That damn virus," asked Trump dismissively, according to a person with direct knowledge of the exchange, "what does that have to do with being re-elected?"

That was exactly the attitude Joe Biden expected from the President. And Biden saw his task as clear.

Create a contrast. Follow the scientists Trump ignored. Wear a mask, stop public events, and reinvent campaigns to avoid harming people.


I could write jokes for 800 years and I would never think of anything funnier than booking Trump the Four Seasons for his big press, and it turned out to be the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot between a dildo store and acted in a crematorium.

– Zack Bornstein (@ZackBornstein), November 8, 2020

Daily beast:

As the nation is in a fit of laughter that may never stop at the Trump campaign press conference that is a hot potato game of incompetence not at the hip Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, but at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company Parking Lot next to a porn store, it just went with it Kate McKinnon's Rudy Giuliani made a stop at the Saturday night live "Weekend Update" desk.

"Did you see my press conference today?" McKinnon's Giuliani welcomed Update co-anchor Colin Jost. “It was during the four seasons. Fancy!"

"I'm glad I made it to the show on time," he continued. “First I went to 30 Rocks. That's a granite quarry in New Rochelle. "


Four Seasons Total Landscaping, near the adult bookstore, across from the cremation center. I have it.

– Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) November 8, 2020


The story will be absolutely brutal for some of these people.

– Tim Alberta (@TimAlberta) November 6, 2020

Garry Kasparov / NY Daily News:

The Damage Donald Wrought: How Trump's Persistent Tantrum Against Democracy Harms America

The election is finally over, decided for Joe Biden after four days of extreme care and caution in the democratic process. Not surprisingly, the incumbent president reacted to attacking this process with baseless allegations. For someone who talks so much about law and order, Donald Trump never wants it to be true of him. He cares little about what is legal and absolutely nothing about what is right.

I've spent much of my life at the chessboard measuring people under tremendous stress while trying to manage my own. When we are under pressure, we show our true colors. Sometimes we face the challenge of finding character and resources that we didn't know we had. Or we break down and are unable to deal with the rush of emotions when the clock is running.

As the time for his presidency passed on Thursday night, Trump collapsed under the pressure. He had managed to remain silent for two days when the return was slowly coming in, but when the results in key states indicated a Biden victory, he could no longer contain himself and stood on the podium.

What followed was Trump, reduced to his purest self, a lying, self-centered tyrant who was finally punched in the nose. The result was described by CNN expert Daniel Dale as "the most dishonest speech of his presidency," no small feat.


While the margin didn't match the pre-election polls, it is statistically quite a success for Biden. He hit a primary field of more than 20 people. Came back after losing IA + NH + NV. And then became the first man to defeat a sitting president since 1992.

– ((((Harry Ducks))) (@ForecasterEnten) November 7, 2020

Daily beast:

WATCH: Cheer, horns break. Moment Biden is declared the winner

When Joe Biden was declared 46th President Cheers, horns and pops of champagne bottles broke out in the streets of the county on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. ET.

It wasn't just the general cheer, it celebrated the new heroes, the USPS:

It happened every time a mail van drove by.

Much Tim Alberta today for his excellent sources:

The election that broke the Republican Party

GOP officials have undermined their own legitimacy by getting used to the president's desperate fraud conspiracies.

The unprecedented has never been so predictable.

At the end of a campaign that exceeded their expectations in almost every way – taking house seats, preventing a downright democratic takeover of the Senate, and staying competitive in every president's battlefield state – Republicans could have run away with intact dignity by 2020. They could have admitted defeat to Joe Biden, celebrated their hard-fought successes elsewhere, and prepared for the battles ahead

But that would never happen. This is Donald Trump's party – for another 76 days at least – and no Republican hoping to remain relevant after his death would deny him the bloody goodbye he built on.

Did we really think the President has worked so diligently over the past eight months to create an environment conducive to allegations of mass voter fraud, just so as not to accuse mass voter fraud? Of course not. Even if the President had been swept in every swing state and at a great distance, he would always cry badly. That he lost such close competitions – and lost them in a style so unknown to so many voters – only made his reaction more inevitable.


This may seem like a small thing, but I just saw a statistic that in Georgia 7th District (which includes large Asian suburbs like Duluth) 41% of Asian American voters were first-time voters. This is huge! Add that in celebration of the amazing work that happened in GA

– Abolition is possible! ~ franny (@fannychoir) November 7, 2020

The bulwark:

These Obama-Trump counties

What does it mean that the president held most of them.

Since Trump's victory in 2016, some Democrats have concluded that the relationship is beyond repair, as these former blue strongholds are simply home to racial grievances. That was a mistake. As we argue in our new book Trump's Democrats, citizens in these communities, don't admire Trump primarily for flaws in their personal character. They like Trump more for reasons that are more cultural than psychological.

After living in three blue strongholds that were flipped over in 2016, we found many were Trumpy long before Trump got on the national political stage. Some of the most popular democratic leaders in these communities are brash, thin-skinned, nepotism, and promise to care for their constituents by closing deals – and cutting back when necessary. This is partly because their political culture has been shaped by a culture of honor of the working class, strong men and a tradition of Boss-style politics that is more transactional than ideological.

These citizens also have strong loyalties to hometowns that face serious social and economic problems. Unlike the Proud Boys, most Trump Democrats are more proud of their hometown than the color of their skin. And while the extent of Trump's success among Black and Latin American voters this week will not be understood until the baseline polls have been rebalanced – and maybe not – just a look at some of the places he's doing well on the polls suggests has cut off, suggesting that his calling cannot be reduced to white nationalism.


Want to know how much the Navajo Nation doesn't like Trump?

1. Of the 85,000 registered voters on Navajo, 76,000 voted. 89% turn out

2. Of these 76,000 voters, 74,000 voted for Biden and 2,000 for Trump

3. Biden's current lead in Arizona is about 40,000

Ya’ah’teeh MFs

– Len Necefer, Ph.D. (@lennecefer) November 7, 2020

Kristine Phillips and Kevin Johnson / USA Today:

"Vulnerable to Law Enforcement": If Trump leaves the White House, the President's "cloak of immunity" will disappear

"The short answer is, once he leaves the office, his real or implicit cloak of immunity (Justice Department guidelines) disappears," said David Weinstein, a former Florida federal attorney.

The Justice Department has long had a policy that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted for criminal offenses. Former Special Adviser Robert Mueller quoted the policy as investigators decided not to decide whether Trump obstructed the judiciary during the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

But that immunity applies to measures he's taken in office, and "it stops there," Weinstein said.

The biggest threats to Trump after leaving office are brewing in his hometown of New York City.

That doesn't mean an apology from the president.

Other work:


@DemFromCT Please see the junk coming from the NE government office in response to a respectfully organized social media campaign of documents asking for help while the pandemic rages here. In particular, he only selects the female documents. Despicable. Please don't let this go unnoticed.

– Fearless Girl (@ FearlessGirl33) November 8, 2020


📍 Wrong characterization.

We're out here telling people to celebrate from afar and wear masks.

Outdoors = better.
Masks = better.
Much more distance = best.

Hotels, bars and restaurants are big problems.

So Floyd protests didn't cause big spikes, but Sturgis did.

– Jeremy Faust MD MS (Emergency Doctor) (@jeremyfaust) November 8, 2020

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