Pricey Chief Trump, cleans the home with insufficiently loyal army brass

Tata's earlier hits included a series of attacks on Obama, including allegations that the president was trying to "subjugate US national interests to Islam". But Obama was far from Tata's only goal. He also accused Hillary Clinton of treason and sedition. And he elaborated on the theory that former CIA director John Brennan – whom Tata accused of being an ally of Vladimir Putin – sent encrypted messages to assassinate Donald Trump. For reasons that have to be read to be properly laughed at.

All of this, of course, made Tata popular with Trump, who named him number 3 in the Pentagon back in June. When Esper and Anderson are gone, it's Tata's chance to move on.

As Politico reports, the fact that Tata was rejected the last time he went before the Senate on various insulting and Islamophobic tweets is no longer seen as a problem. Anyone Trump appoints from now on will just be an "acting" date without involving the Senate. After all, what harm could it do to hand the Department of Defense over to a racist xenophobia with a long list of grudges, if it's only for a few months?

Tata is unlikely to get anywhere on his own. Earlier, Anderson had fought against several other potential candidates that Trump's White House attempted to plant in the Department of Defense. This includes the right-wing radio host Frank Wuco, who shares Tata's Islamophobia to a large extent. These include allegations that Hillary Clinton had connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, that former Attorney General Eric Holder was a secret member of the Black Panthers, and that John Brennan had converted to Islam. He also advocated the idea that the US should simply turn Syria "into glass" and suggested that the best way to deal with Afghanistan is to drop "some low-yield tactical nuclear weapons".

But wait, there's more. Anderson was also the person blocking Rich Higgins' appointment. As reported by CNN, Higgins wrote a book in which he accused a conspiracy to "the media, Islamists, Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, the United Nations and cultural Marxists, "all of whom launched a coordinated attack on Trump. Which is pretty impressive. If there is someone who can coordinate all of these different groups, maybe they should be offered a position in the Pentagon.

Tata, Wuco and Higgins are symbolic of the kind of choices Trump has made – the kind of choices that have so far been withheld by the last remaining layers of seasoned professionals or by some level of concern about public perception. But now everything is gone.

The only thing that can be hoped for is that these people won't be there long and do no permanent damage.

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