Georgia's recount will likely be gradual, expensive, pointless, and embarrassing – which makes it good

To make things even better, Raffensperger might have tried to save Georgia taxpayers the full cost of the recount. That's because not only is there no automatic recount in Georgian law, but there is also nothing in the law that says the state pays all costs. Raffensperger could easily have done what Wisconsin did: offer a recount at the Trump campaign's request, if the Trump campaign were willing to cover the costs. He might even have offered to split the cost to ease the burden on both sides. But no, he just dove in and gave Trump an extra large, extra luxurious giveaway.

It might be worth noting that there was a recount in Wisconsin in 2016, but that recount request didn't come from Hillary Clinton. Clinton called the Trump campaign literally seconds after the AP called the race at 2:30 a.m. to make their concession and promise to help with the transition in any way possible. The reason there was a recount in Wisconsin was because it was requested by … Jill Stein.

Stein raised funds from her own donors and from heartbroken Clinton supporters with the promise that any donations made to them would be used to conduct recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Despite collecting an unknown amount of money, Stein's recount requests were denied in Michigan and Pennsylvania. That Wisconsin recount, however, changed the numbers … it found 131 more votes for Trump, which is not quite as many as the 2011 Supreme Court recount that changed the result by 312 votes. But it's much bigger than the last Georgian recount, even during a court race that changed the results by just 15 votes. In fact, the margin in Georgia is more than ten times the largest change ever discovered by a state-level recount.

What Raffensperger is doing doesn't come from a real concern that the election result might be inaccurate. Trump won't find a tenth as many votes as he needs to change the recount, no matter how many hands sort the votes. This recount is all about Raffensperger and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who surrenders to pressure from the Republicans in Washington for whipping their state on fraud charges.

So the Georgia recount is going to be costly, pointless, embarrassing, and powered by state officials who wither under attacks they know to be false. It will require the setting up of thousands of counters paying out millions of dollars, and it is unlikely to be completed until someone is forced to wipe off a small Supreme Court decision called Bush v. Gore. It will be perfect. Just perfect.

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