Michael Cohen says both Trump or his youngsters will go to jail as soon as they go away the White Home

Michael Cohen said Tuesday that he believes either Donald Trump or one of his children will be jailed in the future.

During an interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber, Cohen said there is "a plethora of legal disputes" Trump will face if he resigns next January. The end result, he believes, is Trump going to jail or throwing one of his children under the bus.

"I think Trump is going to jail," Cohen said. "And if it's not Trump, he's going to push one of the kids – probably Don Jr. in front of Ivanka."


"I think Trump is going to jail," says Michael Cohen after he resigned from office. #ctl # p2

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) November 11, 2020

Cohen said:

I think Trump is going to jail. And if it's not Trump, he's going to push one of the kids – probably Don Jr. – in front of Ivanka. Definitely Eric before Ivanka, but Ivanka will go to jail before Donald because he is exactly what he is. There are enough actions. I'm currently suing Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. There will be a lot of litigation. All the people who are unlikely to see this show – Republicans and Donald Trump supporters – are giving him your money so now he has a slush fund that he can use your money to pay for his dirty deeds. I just don't understand what people are thinking.

Trump knows that if he leaves office, his life will fall apart

The reason Donald Trump and his children – Donald Trump Jr. in particular – fight so hard to reverse the results of an election they clearly lost is because they know their lives will fall apart if they get the whites Leave home.

At this hour, Trump is under further investigation in New York State. These probes pose a clear and present threat to him and his family once he is removed from the Oval Office on January 20th.

When it comes to potential government charges, not even a pardon would save Trump.

As the Washington Post pointed out this week, “(N) One of these measures would protect Trump from being prosecuted for state crimes – a very real possibility as the New York Attorney General and Manhattan District Attorney are actively investigating Trump's finances and finances Trump organization. "

Donald Trump's efforts to scrap the election results are more than just a comfort to his troubled ego. This program is also about helping him keep an office that will protect him from jail time.

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