Solely four individuals seem for the Professional-Trump rally "Cease The Steal"

A pro-Trump “Stop The Steal” rally outside Fox News’s DC headquarters attracted a crowd of four who showed up in protest.

The Daily Beast's Will Sommer tweeted:

A "Stop the Steal" rally outside Fox & # 39; DC headquarters drew a whopping four people, including one with a "Stop the Neal" sign above Neil Caputo.

– Will Sommer (@willsommer) November 11, 2020

The organizer apparently has the same counting skills as Donald Trump for claiming that four people would not have a low turnout:

Sorry, Cavuto *. The organizer of the Fox rally denies that this is a low-energy turnout.

– Will Sommer (@willsommer) November 11, 2020

Trump spent months laying the foundations for claiming that if he lost, the election was stolen and his efforts were bombed.

The president's campaign to overturn the election results was based on thousands of his supporters taking to the streets demanding that he stay in office. Instead, four people showed up. The entire rally could easily fit into a corner cabin at Denny.

None of this is going the way Trump had hoped. His own lawyers admit in court that there was no election fraud. The president loses all of his legal challenges. Despite the fact that polls show that Republicans doubt the fairness of the elections, they don't take to the streets to demand that Trump stay in office.

Four people are not a rally. It's a moderately busy checkout for grocery stores.

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