Tuesday Evening Owls: Local weather Hawks, relieved by Biden's victory, say they may "push the place we have to push".

However, as time is running out to avoid the worst effects of climate change, every possible measure – from local green voting initiatives to a new federal "climate change" position to financial regulation reforms – is on the advocacy agenda. Climate advocates are already celebrating a shift in dynamism.

"Just because we have a Republican Senate that isn't representative of the majority of Americans who want action on climate change doesn't mean things like a Green New Deal aren't happening yet," Southard said, noting those green ballot initiatives adopted in several cities. "The Green New Deal is not just law, it is a vision for an economy that turns us off fossil fuels. Biden can do a lot from stopping the Keystone Pipeline to banning fracking in public spaces."

Environmental groups issued a List of actions on the climate the administration – without Congress – can adopt within days of taking office, including declaring a national climate emergency under the National Emergency Act.

But putting the Senate on blue remains a big priority.

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“Before the military coup in Chile, we had the idea that military coups would take place in banana republics somewhere in Central America. That would never happen in Chile. Chile was such a solid democracy. And when it happened, it had brutal properties. And it took 17 years.
~~ Isabel Allende, Interview with Bill Moyers (2003)



The thrill it takes to not only capitalize on an already imbalanced system, but then to eviscerate the suffrage law, engage in unprecedented wandering, remove voting machines to create hour-long queues, pass voter ID laws, cripple the USPS & then claim you have been betrayed.

– Michael Hattem (@MichaelHattem) November 9, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2010– Republicans don't do bipartisanism:

As the Broders of the World continue their partisan game of calling for Democrats to be non-partisan, it is obvious to anyone who is careful that they really only intend a unilateral democratic surrender. From the moment President Obama took office, it was clear that his sincere desire to work across the aisle would only be exploited and viewed as a sign of weakness. After a year in which the Democrats negotiated their health insurance plan until it was most similar to Romneycare, or the 1993 Republican plan, for which the Republicans did not vote and were now demanding its repeal, no one should join the myth of non-partisanship. As the president continues to call for bipartisan collaboration, Republicans keep making it clear that they will not compromise, will keep trying to move the goalposts, and that the Democrats there are not investigating any of the many horrific crimes of the Bush-Cheney administration Now it's not about the Obama administration that Republicans are not going to obsessively investigate. As I've said for a while, it shouldn't surprise anyone when they send an investigation team to Kenya to look for the "real" birth certificate. Democrats must stop indulging in a myth that is only their own destruction.

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