Trump fires high US cybersecurity electoral officers for exposing false election fraud claims

Trump is expected to fire Chris Krebs, the leading US cybersecurity electoral officer who has worked to prevent foreign attacks and expose Trump's misinformation.

Reuters reported, "Christopher Krebs, a senior US cybersecurity officer, has told staff that he expects to be fired from the White House, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters."

More about cancer and its work:

Rumor Control is the agency's new and widely acclaimed move to tackle real-time electoral disinformation. It contradicts Trump and his allies top to bottom, but never names the president directly:

– Patrick Howell O & # 39; Neill (@HowellONeill) November 12, 2020

Politico reported that Krebs is leading efforts to quash Trump's false election fraud allegations: "From his place at the helm of the DHS Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, Chris Krebs used his agency's Rumor Control website – and his personal Twitter feed To pick up on the viral conspiracies that are rampant in conservative circles, some of which have been promoted by the president and his top allies. "

Trump blames Cancer for his fake election fraud allegations, which have no appeal outside of his own supporters. The expected layoff is evidence that Trump is still trying to win the day on the cable news instead of facing the reality that he lost an election by an overwhelming margin.

Donald Trump is raging and gutted the federal government as he blames everyone but himself for his defeat.

The conspiracy theories have no roots in the whole country. There were no massive protests from Trump's own supporters. For all the rhetoric and excitement of the president about the dire consequences of his defeat, practically nothing happened.

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