The Mississippi governor alerts that his state won’t adjust to a Biden Nationwide Lockdown

On Thursday, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced that if Joe Biden wins the election and tries to implement one, he will not comply with a mandatory national lockdown.

Reeves said during a coronavirus update, "We will not be participating in a statewide lockdown," adding that such an idea was "totally and completely beyond reason."

Governor Tate Reeves preemptively stated on Facebook Live that Mississippi will not participate in a statewide lockdown if implemented under the in-depth Biden administration. Says Mississippi will fight any nationwide business shutdown or shutdown.

– Nick Judin (@nickjudin) November 12, 2020

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Governor Reeves: "We will certainly fight this if we have to."

Reeves was concerned about the economic damage another lockdown would wreak.

"That's not how the economy works," he said.

Noting that Biden does not have the constitutional power to force states to shut down, the governor added, "We will certainly fight this if necessary."

Reeves is right in the unconstitutionality of such an act. Even NPR has actually vetted the idea of ​​a nationally mandated lockdown and determined that it is "probably not legal".

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Biden's Coronavirus Task Force Doctor wants national lockdown

Even so, the idea came up on Tuesday from Dr. Michael Osterholm, who sits on Biden's Coronavirus Task Force.

Osterholm told MSNBC's Morning Joe, "In the first week of August, Neel Kashkari, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and I wrote an article in the New York Times that basically said we have to, in a sense, lock you down this rate of infection to get it to a place where we can actually control it through testing, tracking and tracking like the Asian countries have done. "

"And I'm talking about everything from Australia to New Zealand to China, Japan," added Osterholm. "All of these countries have already done it."

Osterholm wasn't finished yet.

"Really, in order to deal with the pain and suffering economically, we basically proposed because the savings rate in this country has fallen out of the roof since the pandemic." he went on.

The doctor continued to insist that in the event of a shutdown, the economy could work.

Dr. Michael Osterholm (@mtosterholm), one of the members of Biden's Covid Task Force, is putting up a national ban and falsely claiming we are following Japan's lead.

"We have to lock ourselves in to get this rate of infection to a place where we can actually control it."

– Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) November 10, 2020

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"We have increased from 8% to over 22%," said the doctor. "We can borrow the money from ourselves at historically low rates."

He also believes the government can and should spend more money.

"We can pay people to lose their jobs," stressed Osterholm. “We can pay small businesses. We can take care of city, state, and county governments if we are elected to do so. "

"If Washington could get together and make that happen," he finished. "That would be a whole different type of lockdown that people wouldn't suffer from, and we can get this virus under control."

That's a lot of wishful thinking – which Mississippi won't experiment with.

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