Thursday evening owls. Barack Obama: "I'm not prepared to surrender America's risk."

I dont know. What I can say for sure is that I am not yet ready to give up America's opportunity – not just for future generations of Americans, but for all of humanity. I believe that the pandemic we are currently experiencing is both a manifestation and a mere interruption in the relentless march towards a connected world where peoples and cultures cannot help but clash. In this world – global supply chains, instant capital transfers, social media, transnational terrorist networks, climate change, mass migration and ever increasing complexity – we will learn to live together, cooperate with one another and recognize the dignity of others or we will perish. And so the world is watching America – the only great power in history made up of people from all parts of the planet, spanning all races, beliefs, and cultural practices – to see if our experiment in democracy can work. To see if we can do what no other nation has done. To see if we can actually live up to the meaning of our creed.

The jury is still not there. Encouraged by the record breaking number of Americans who voted in last week's election, I trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in their characters and ability to do the right thing. But I also know that no single choice will settle the matter. Our departments are deeply rooted; Our challenges are enormous. If I continue to look to the future with hope, it is in large part because I have learned to trust my fellow citizens, especially those of the next generation, whose beliefs seem second nature to the equal value of all people, and who insist realize the principles their parents and teachers told them to realize, but that they may never have fully believed themselves. More than anyone, my book is meant for these young people – an invitation to reshape the world all over again and, through hard work, determination, and a large portion of imagination, to bring about an America that will finally adapt to the best in us.

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“The reserves of emotions that had been pent up in the many months in which the flame of life burned down for all were ruthlessly squandered to celebrate this red day of their survival. Tomorrow real life would start again with its limitations. But for now, people in very different areas of life rub shoulders and fraternize. The compensation that death had not achieved in practice was finally realized for a few gay hours in the rapture of escape. " ~~Albert Camus, The plague (1947)



It took 96 days to hit 1 million after the first case reported in the US. Then
1 to 2 million-44 days
2 to 3 million – 27 days
3 to 4 million-15 days
4 to 5 million-17 days
5 to 6 million-22 days
6 to 7 million – 25 days
7 to 8 million-21 days
8 to 9 million-14 days
9 to 10 million – 10 days

– Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrTomFrieden) November 12, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2009—FRC would support a primary challenge against Snowe:

On Tuesday we have learned The Maine Republicans would throw Olympia Snowe into a primary challenge against a Conservative. A day later, TPM reported that the socially conservative group, Family Research Council would also assist a primary challenge against Snowe.

"Of course there is an audience that Olympia Snowe would love to see outside his office in the ranks of the social conservatives, that's for sure," said Mackey.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling (D) found that a generic Conservative challenger would lead the moderate Snowe in a Republican elementary school by a whopping 59% to 31% lead.

"I think a few years ago we didn't think it was possible," said Mackey. "Those numbers are interesting, though, and I think these numbers might just track the fact that many Americans are waking up to liberal politics, what they mean, and how they're going. And it might affect them, with you'd vote for the incentive and break out of their party. And we'd like to see a Conservative stand a chance of removing her from office up there. "

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