Failed one-term president (Trump) reappears however dodges reporters' questions

Trump eventually showed his face in public after losing the election, but he ran away and didn't take questions from reporters.

This is how Trump's rose garden event ended:

Trump finishes the event and leaves without asking any questions.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 13, 2020

It was one of the consistent testimonies of Trump's behavior over the past four years. When things go bad, Trump runs from reporters and refuses to answer questions.

At the beginning of the event, Trump opened the door a little because he couldn't be president anytime soon. According to the White Houe Pool Report made available to PoliticusUSA, “ideally we will not go to a lockdown. I will not go – this administration will not be locked. Hopefully the one who – whatever happens in the future, who knows what administration will be. I think time will tell, but I can tell you this administration will not be locked down. "

We all know what administration it will be, and it will not be Donald Trumps.

Trump is still publicly playing like he's still in the White House after January 20, 2021, but he won't.

Donald Trump is still holding events and trying to pretend he hadn't lost, but his escape from reporters indicated he knows he is a failed president for a term.

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