Friday Night time Owls: Police reform elections had been good. However activists say that is only the start

Three more articles worth reading

Biden Won. Will the climate? By Claire Elise Thompson. Five leaders point the way to a divided nation.

How the left beat Trump in Michigan. By Ben Burgis. According to centrists, the "blue wave" has not occurred because of the left. This is nonsense – and in at least one crucial swing state, Joe Biden drove to victory because of organizing progressives and leftists.

The Democrats' problem by 2024 is already clear, by Ronald Brownstein. Joe Biden has succeeded in bridging past and future coalitions of his party – but the challenges of future elections are enormous.



"Let's try to see things from their better side:
They complain about seeing thorny rose bushes;
I am happy and thank the gods
That thorns have roses.
~~ Alphonse Karr, "Letters from my garden", 1853



Geraldo Rivera calls on President Trump "to bid farewell with grace and dignity".

Of course, how much grace and dignity do you still have when you receive hints of grace and dignity from Geraldo Rivera?

– Victor Laszlo (@Impolitics) November 13, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2018– North Korea continues to expand its nuclear program while Trump … well, mostly tweets:

Just in case you've puzzled over the progression of Donald Trump's plan to denuclearize North Korea, staggering from incoherent ridicule to lavish praise to ramshackle promises based on nothing, this is Response that North Korea continues to expand its nuclear arsenal and capabilities while ignoring its government's demands.

ONE new study notes that well-known North Korean missile bases identified via satellite imagery are still active. North Korea denies the existence of these bases at all; Experts remain concerned that Team Trump is so intent on hitting a Trump-flattering deal they will overlook it.

"It's not that these bases have been frozen," said Mr. (Victor) Cha, the head of the team that studied the images, in an interview. “The work continues. Everyone is concerned that Trump will accept a bad deal – they give us a single test site and take down a few other things, and in return they get a "peace deal" that officially ends the Korean War.

Cha was shortlisted by Team Trump for the South Korean ambassadorial post but was not criticized after criticizing the administrative policy towards North Korea. It is perhaps noteworthy that he uses the "everyone is concerned" construct to publicly throw at Trump for being stupid enough to sign such a deal.

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