Trump pushes for extra conspiracy theories as Biden's formal transition begins

"What does it have to do with the GSA being allowed to work with the Dems for the time being to pursue our various cases regarding the most corrupt elections in American political history? “He tweeted. “We are moving at full speed. I will never admit that ballot papers and "Dominion" are fake. "

Well, that wasn't the trick – after all, his subordinate had done what gave the Biden Transition its .gov URLs, access to funds, and access to at least some presumably grumpy, unhelpful Trump staff, let alone the avalanche of court losses.

So, on Tuesday morning, Trump took the first step forward with a tweet flagged by Twitter as a controversial claim of election fraud: "Poll: 79 percent of Trump voters believe" elections were stolen ". @BreitbartNews They are 100% correct, but we fight hard. Our great lawsuit, which details all of the electoral fraud and much more, will soon be closed. RIGGED CHOICE! "

Poll: People who believe what Trump says believe what he keeps telling them.

As for this "great lawsuit", Lawsuit detailing all of the electoral fraud and more. “It's not interesting that Team Trump held on to it until they and their allies lost 35 lawsuits. Does this "big lawsuit" match Trump's health plan or infrastructure week? Always just around the corner, never materialized in the real world?

Trump is still thrashing and screaming, and a shocking number of his supporters still believe his lies about the stolen elections were lying. But Republican elected and, perhaps more importantly, major Republican donors are starting to let him know it's over, and the country turned a big corner on Monday night when Murphy allowed the formal transition. It is clear that the realization kicks in for Trump and his supporters alike, even if their first reaction is an angry rejection.

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