Trump urges Governor Brian Kemp to deploy emergency forces to overthrow the GA election

Trump is now calling for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to do the impossible and use his emergency forces to overthrow the elections.

Trump tweeted:

Why will Governor @BrianKempGA, the unfortunate Governor of Georgia not use his stubborn powers to override his stubborn foreign minister and match signatures on envelopes? It will be a "goldmine" of deception and we will easily WIN the state …

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 30, 2020

Also, quickly check the number of envelopes versus the number of ballots. You may find that there are many more ballots than envelopes. So easy and so easy to do. Georgia Republicans are angry, all Republicans are angry. Get it ready!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 30, 2020

The envelope check has been explained to Trump over and over again. Signatures are checked in Georgia when a voter requests a postal vote. Under state law, signatures are not verified after the ballot is received. If a person is not a valid voter, they will be singled out before receiving a ballot. So there is no signature fraud.

Trump can't understand why anyone would obey the law. Governor Brian Kemp cannot use his emergency powers to void an election. Kemps or any other governor has no power to overthrow an election. Every state has a law and a procedure for determining an election winner. States cannot publish results because the incumbent president has lost and must stay in power to avoid criminal charges.

Donald Trump needs attention because tweets like this show that the current president will remain a danger and a threat to democracy until Joe Biden takes office.

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