The bipartisan "gang" completely misses the mark of the COVID-19 stimulus compromise

PPP loans and liability shields won't solve this. Give. People. Money.

The ability of the "bipartisan", "bilateral" Kumbaya Democrat to confuse surrender and compromise is truly a terrible thing. Catch the latest on a new bipartisan "gang" seeking to find a COVID-19 breakthrough by "temporarily" giving in to Sen. Mitch McConnell's worst demand. Even if you don't do what works the most right now: direct stimulus payments to everyone. Because not the most helpful and popular thing about compromising is how these people think.

Here are the Democratic culprits, names you probably won't shock: Sens. Chris Coons, Joe Manchin, Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan and Mark Warner, and the independent Angus King. They work with all of the Republicans McConnell regularly rolls over: Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Bill Cassidy. What they have proposed is an increase in unemployment insurance by $ 300 / week versus $ 600 / week that was included in the CARES bill. $ 300 billion more for the problematic and less effective small business loans of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP); $ 250 billion for state and local governments; $ 50 billion for health care and vaccine distribution; and temporary liability protection for companies that don't have to worry about protecting their employees. (Disclosure: Kos Media has received a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program.) During the most dangerous time to date in this pandemic. If we've already seen cases where companies killed workers by not giving them the protection they need to stay healthy.

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